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Current Seminars (Spring 2017)

Date Presenter Seminar Title Location
1/25/2017 Dr. Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou (U. of Maryland) A User-Centric Resource Management and Optimization Framework for Multi-* Wireless Networks CoRE Board Room 701
2/8/2017 Prof. Janne Lindqvist (Rutgers) How Busy Are You? Predicting the Interruptibility Intensity of Mobile Users CoRE Board Room 701
2/22/2017 Tong Wu (Rutgers) Human Action Attribute Learning From Video Data Using Low-Rank Representations CoRE Board Room 701
3/1/2017 Prof. Gauri Joshi (CMU) Efficient Redundancy Techniques to Reduce Delay in Cloud Systems EE 203
3/22/2017 Xiang Yang (Rutgers) Robust Estimator for Multiple Inlier Structures EE 203
3/29/2017 Prof. Viveck Cadambe (Penn State) An Information Theoretic Perspective of Consistent Distributed Storage EE 203
4/12/2017 Talal Ahmed (Rutgers) On Sure Independence Screening CoRE Board Room 701
4/26/2017 Shaogang Wang (Rutgers) A Robust Sparse Fourier Transform and Its Application in Radar Signal Processing CoRE Board Room 701

Fall 2016 Seminars

Date Presenter Seminar Title Location
9/21/2016 Dr. Armin Eftekhari SNIPE for memory-limited PCA with incomplete data: From failure to success CoRE Board Room 701
9/28/2016 Zahra Shakeri Minimax Lower Bounds on Dictionary Learning for Tensor Data CoRE Board Room 701
10/19/2016 Prof. Joerg Kliewer (NJIT) Network Equivalence for Arbitrarily Varying and Compound Channels CoRE Board Room 701
11/16/2016 Abolfazl Hajisami MSICA: ICA Based Transformation For Multi-Scale Decomposition With Application in Denoising CoRE Board Room 701
11/30/2016 Rafael Oliveira (Princeton) Locality in Coding Theory and the Gilbert-Varshamov Bound CoRE Board Room 701

Spring 2016 Seminars

Date Presenter Seminar Title Location
2/10/2016 Simon Oya Diez (Rutgers/U. of Vigo) Statistical Disclosure Attacks on Anonymous Communication Systems CoRE Board Room 701
2/24/2016 Yulong Yang and Xianyi Gao (Double Header) Talk 1: Free-Form Gesture Authentication in the Wild (YY) and Talk 2: Of Two Minds, Multiple Addresses, and One Ledger (XG) CoRE Board Room 701
3/2/2016 Jing Zhong Timeliness in Streaming Source Coding EE Conf Room 203
3/9/2016 Prof. Han Liu (Princeton) Nonparametric Graphical Model: Foundation and Trends CoRE Board Room 701
4/6/2016 Prof. Fauzia Ahmad (Villanova) Radar for Human Activity Classification in Assisted Living Applications EE 203
4/27/2016 Prof. Carlos Fernandez-Granda (Courant/NYU) From Seismology to Compressed Sensing and Back, a Brief History of Optimization-Based Signal Processing CoRE Board Room 701

Fall 2015 Seminars

Date Presenter Seminar Title Location
10/21/2015 Prof. Dan Yang Bilinear Regression with Matrix Covariates and Applications in Neuroimaging Data Analysis EE 240
11/04/2015 (10 am) Prof. Venu Veeravalli (UIUC) Quickest Detection and Isolation of Line Outages in Power Systems CoRE Auditorium (ECE Colloquium)
11/18/2015 Mohsen Ghassemi Distributed Proportional Stochastic Coordinate Descent With Social Sampling CoRE Board Room 701
12/09/2015 Hafiz Imtiaz Symmetric Matrix Perturbation For Differentially-Private Principal Component Analysis CoRE Board Room 701

Spring 2015 Seminars

Date Presenter Seminar Title Location
01/28/2015 Xianyi Gao Elastic Pathing: Your Speed is Enough to Track You CoRE Board Room 701
02/25/2015 (10 am) Prof. Moeness Amin (Villanova University) A Sparsity-Perspective to Time-Frequency Signal Representations CoRE Auditorium (ECE Colloquium)
03/09/2015 (2:30 pm) Zahra Shakeri Selection of Pilot Tones for Compressive Estimation of MIMO-OFDM Channels CoRE 538
03/11/2015 (10 am) Prof. Sundeep Rangan (NYU-Poly) Millimeter Wave Cellular Wireless Networks for 5G CoRE Auditorium (ECE Colloquium)
03/25/2015 (10 am) Prof. Alejandro Ribeiro (Univ. of Pennsylvania) Axiomatic Construction of Hierarchical Clustering in Asymmetric Networks CoRE Auditorium (ECE Colloquium)
04/01/2015 Ilker Hacihaliloglu Real-time Ultrasound Imaging in Orthopaedic Procedures CoRE Board Room 701
04/15/2015 Dr. Yanina Shkel (Princeton U.) Generalized Mean Compression Length: On Bounds for Phase Transition CoRE Board Room 701
04/29/2015 Li Zhu Does Brain Functional Connectivity Alter Across Similar Trials? CoRE Board Room 701
05/27/2015 Prof. Erik Larsson (Linköping/Princeton) Massive MIMO for 5G Wireless EE 203

Fall 2014 Seminars

Date Presenter Seminar Title Location
10/01/2014 Haroon Raja Dictionary Learning Based Nonlinear Classifier Training from Distributed Data CoRE Board Room 701
10/08/2014 (1 PM) Prof. Ofer Shayevitz (Tel Aviv University) A tale of two uncertainties CoRE Board Room 701
10/15/2014 Prof. Anand Sarwate (Rutgers/ECE) Predicting items you haven't seen at a restaurant CoRE Board Room 701
10/29/2014 Anshumali Shrivastava (Cornell University) An Excursion in Probabilistic Hashing Techniques for Big Data CoRE Board Room 701
11/12/2014 Bo Li Spectrum Sharing Between Matrix Completion Based MIMO Radars and a MIMO Communication System CoRE Board Room 701
11/19/2014 Alec Koppel (University of Pennsylvania) A Saddle Point Algorithm for Networked Online Learning CoRE Board Room 701

Spring 2014 Seminars

Date Presenter Seminar Title Location
01/24/2014 Dionysios Kalogerias Matrix Completion in Colocated MIMO Radar: Recoverability & Performance Bounds CoRE Board Room 701
02/07/2014 Dr. Rafael Schaefer (Princeton) The Secrecy Capacity of Compound MIMO Gaussian Channels CoRE Board Room 701
02/21/2014 Prof. Visa Koivunen (Princeton/Aalto) Tensor models and techniques for analyzing high-dimensional data CoRE Board Room 701
03/07/2014 Prof. Arian Maleki (Columbia) Theoretic and Algorithmic Blessings of High Dimension for Compressed Sensing CoRE Board Room 701
03/28/2014 Prof. Anand Sarwate Active Learning with Outcome-Dependent Query Costs CoRE Board Room 701
04/11/2014 Maja Skataric Exploring robust properties of biological systems using mathematical modeling and control systems tools CoRE Board Room 701
04/25/2014 Dr. Guangcan Liu Matrix Recovery by Low-Rank Representation CoRE Board Room 701

Fall 2013 Seminars

Date Presenter Seminar Title Location
09/13/2013 Haroon Raja Cloud K-SVD: Computing data-adaptive representations in the cloud EE 240
09/27/2013 Prof. Ping Li Statistics for BigData: Data Streams, Entropy Estimation, and Compressed Sensing CoRE Board Room 701
10/11/2013 Prof. Lee Dicker Variance estimation in high-dimensional linear models CoRE Board Room 701
10/25/2013 Dr. Sander Wahls (Princeton) Beyond Sinusoids: Some recent advances in applied nonlinear Fourier analysis CoRE Board Room 701
11/08/2013 Prof. Yann LeCun (NYU) Computer Perception with Deep Learning 552 Hill Center
11/22/2013 Dr. Vaneet Aggarwal (AT&T Research) Erasure-Coded Distributed Storage Systems: Reliability, Latency, and Cost CoRE Board Room 701